Essay on social service

essay on social service

of poor, needy and destitute people. The feeling of self-satisfaction that comes when one sees the unshed tears of joy in the eyes of one whose hunger has been appeased, whose thirst has been allayed and whose needs are fulfilled is indeed heavenly. The legislators that govern the people decide what goes where and to whom. He should not only be concerned about himself but also for the welfare and development of society as a whole. In Japan, we are told, each householder is responsible for the cleanliness of the public thoroughfare in front of his dwelling house. They have no knowledge about family planning.

essay on social service

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Even our modest efforts can contribute to the removal of illiteracy from our country. They can explain to illiterate village people the need for adopting family planning. By social service we directly help the society, but indirectly we help ourselves also. Businessmen can do social service if they pursue their work honestly as a vocation. I am biased somewhat as I have experienced the problems that go on within the public section of these agencies. Secondly, a subject that people lack initiative. Students beg money from the rich, raise funds, rescue people, feed the hungry, nurse the sick and cloth the naked. Students can take to social service during their summer vacations. Life in slums is miserable. Besides, many look up to a national government to remove all our wants. In natural calamities: During natural calamities students can render better services.

essay on social service

By social service we directly help the society, but indirectly we help ourselves also.
The well-being of the society means the well-being or its individual members.
We are too, some of these members.

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